Stop getting quotes and quibbling about extra fees with other companies. Seriously, stop right now and BOOK SUNNY MOVING.

Booking was easy; Nancy was super responsive and helpful. Price is affordable rate per hour plus one-time fee for truck/mileage/gas. That's it.

Day of the move, three guys and truck arrived promptly (8:02 arrival for 8am booking!). They carefully but efficiently took care of everything, including a few odd/bulky pieces like wine cabinet, solid wood dresser, and sofa bed. At our destination, they hoisted several items over an 8ft balcony without any extra charges (or complaints). Didn't touch the walls ever, anywhere.

At the end of the day, they charged exactly what I expected. (Hourly rate x hours, plus truck fee).

Language could be a barrier, but we figured it out. And I wasn't hiring them to have a conversation, right?

Bottom line: excellent movers, and even better because pricing is straightforward, fair, and incredibly reasonable. Highly recommend.

- Allison P.

Pretty happy with Sunny Moving Co. They showed up right on time, which is always appreciated. They also moved 2 very heavy file cabinets without any complaints (I couldn't find the keys to unload them and other moving co.s wanted to charge for a 3rd mover). They moved my stuff with a pace that I love - like we all have somewhere to be and that time is money.

Reasonably priced and no-nonsense service. I'll be using them again for our phase two move.

- Raymond P.

Excellent movers!!! Had a great experience with Sunny Moving Company, starting with Nancy, who was responsive, very patient and accommodating when I had to push back my move date due to unexpected construction delays at my new place.

3 movers led by driver, Bao, were very careful and worked hard to get everything moved safely and as quickly as possible. Took longer because I hadn't boxed everything yet. It's simple to economize with their rates, start early and have everything boxed by the time they arrive. They will load so fast, while still being very careful, and you will be done quicker than you'd believe it could happen.

Even though we didn't speak the same language. We were able to understand each other. They were professionals and very intuitive, so language was not a problem at all. They must have noticed I hesitated and asked that an extra heavy, filled, hardwood filing cabinet be left on the first floor because it was toward the end of a long day for them moving a full 26 foot truck (their second move that day, which ended around 8PM). They must have read something in my masked face, because after the downstairs was pretty full with boxes, one mover seemed to ask, "Don't you really want it upstairs?" One look and Bao went at it, lugging it all the way up into the perfect place without touching any newly painted walls even though the small landing made turning corners really tough.

Another feat they managed was when they found our leather sofa wouldn't fit through the front door. They decided to hoist it over the second floor balcony somehow and got it into the living room. It was so dark that I couldn't actually see how they managed it. But let me tell you, they were mighty strong to be able to lift that enormous sofa up from their truck!!! After they did that successfully, they remembered a large wooden table that also didn't make it through the front door and was left filling up my small front patio. They brought it all the way around the building and hoisted it over the rail and into the balcony, too. Despite the many challenges, they were good natured and maintained their work pace throughout the day. Highly recommend!!!

- J G.


They were total rock stars.
They packed/moved and unpacked our things in about 6 hours from the third floor.(they helped us pack.... A lot. They had to deal with an extremely slow elevator. Not to mention it stopped working halfway through the move.)

We were so impressed. We kept offering water and tea and still, they never even took breaks. There was a language barrier, however we still communicated pretty well(guidance on what to pack/where to place etc).

These guys were amazing.

Treat and tip your movers well!!!

Especially if they're doing a chore, a heavily manual labor job you don't want to do.

THANKS CHANG AND THU! (Sry if I misspelled names).

- Stephanie A.

Very happy with our moving process. Responsive and easy to organize from the start. The three movers paid attention to detail during the process. Fast! Easy Venmo payment process option.

- Vicki L.

Had a good experience moving locally within SF. They sent two movers arriving promptly at 8am who were able to disassemble and reassemble my bed, wrap and transport other furniture (and mattress) quickly and efficiently, and help with packing smaller items where requested. I had packed most stuff beforehand, and continued while they worked, but I suspect they'd have packed most stuff if I'd been lazier.

They also provided boxes where needed and the pricing was easy to understand and good value. Would use them again next time I move!

- Joe B.


After moving 7 times in a span of 5 years, Sunny Moving is by far the best we have worked with. The movers were timely, efficient, and hardworking. Excellent all around, and we will be using them if we need to move again!

- Sharon L.

Nancy is so responsive and provided all of the information needed. The 3 men that came to move us showed up on time and were very efficient! They helped us disassemble our larger furniture items and wrapped everything with care. Once we arrived to our destination, they assembled the larger furniture items in the requested rooms. They were very professional, handled all the items with care. We highly recommend Sunny Moving Company!

- Janelle C.

Amazing moving experience, you are crazy if you hire any other movers than Sunny Moving. Stop looking, just book these guys:

What we loved about these movers:
- Punctual, showed up right on time, got straight to work.
- Professional and fully prepared, they had all equipment to get the job done
- No damage to anything, all furniture carefully wrapped and loaded
- Fast and efficient, no wasted time
- Flexible, accommodated each of our requests and questions
- Great communication
- No delays, reasonable break and meal times, delivered to new address right away
- Fair pricing and no nonsense - no weird or surprise fees (you may get those with other movers, not fun to negotiate)
- Polite and considerate - Careful of your property, no scuffs, they bring stair covering, will pack small or loose items with care

- None, unless you want to pay with credit card, they only accept cash Venmo or Zelle, fine with us we pay cash.

p.s. some people have mentioned that the movers speak Mandarin, so what? The foreman spoke perfect English and everyone understood every request. Was not an issue at all.

The best moving experience we've ever had, no exaggeration. Thanks Sunny Moving!!!

- G Y.

Last 09/25/21 Sunny Moving Company help us out on our move from San Leandro to South SF and they made it easy, stress-free and they were on time and very efficient.

The total hours of the move were only 3 hours for a 1 bedroom apartment.

to add they took care of minor details in securing my well unpack(ed) items :)

Definitely will use Sunny Moving Company again! and highly recommended

- Jhojho S.

Nancy was extremely responsive and even confirmed the day before. The team showed up and was very efficient, even helping pack some of our misc. items up. highly recommend.

- Jeyel G.